A website. It’s something that I’ve always wanted. For a long time now it’s been a desire of mine to have people read my writing on a site like this. It feels good to have finally gotten around to it.

For anyone that doesn’t know me, my name is David (soon to be Laylah) Beattie. I am an ambitious, talkative, slightly annoying (I’m sure) eighteen-year-old student journalist living in the city (that was a mouthful).

I have many things that I am currently doing and that I wish to do in my future. Am I leading an interesting life? I’d like to think so. I’m in the early stages of a gender transition, I’m searching for a job that fits in with my dreams, I’m trying to achieve my greatest wishes and I’m casually dating.

The main reason that I’ve made this website is because I recently published an autobiography; “Who Cares?” It has been somewhat successful and I’d like its readers to be able to keep following my story. Since publishing my book I also regularly find myself thinking of more topics to write about. So this site is somewhere that I can do that.

There were many aspects of my life that I failed to cover in “Who Cares?” I presented my current life without really delving into my past. There are many more things that I wish to reflect on and inform people about. Hopefully I don’t bore you.

Some time ago I had actually set up a website similar to this one. However, I foolishly disclosed information that was quite personal and I grew to be extremely uncomfortable with people reading about such intimate parts of my life.

I will not make that mistake again. This website is about telling my story. Telling people about my journey, my struggles and my achievements. I will be honest. At times I may be controversial. Overall, I will try to write about interesting topics. Forgive me if I delve too deep from time to time, I am far from perfect.

So this is my next adventure. Trying to set up a functional, interesting website that is as beautiful as the life that I was blessed with. I hope that it’s a fun as I believe it will be, for me and for my readers.

Until next times dolls,

Stay wild,

-David Beattie.

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