For a time, when I was younger, I went through a period of writing what I called articles. These weren’t my average journal entries where I wrote about things in no particular order, these were on a specific topic. In a way, I suppose they were like these blog chapters, except they were a lot more juvenile. I would sit with my pen and my notebooks, look around me for inspiration and immediately begin writing about a particular topic. Mostly they were about other people (I was young and lacking in life experience) and their interactions with me or with others. I wrote about my friends, my enemies, my school and my family. Here is an example of one of these articles:

The Power of the Pen.                  30-1-14.

I love my life, I really do. Of course I could complain if I wanted to but couldn’t everyone? I know anyone who reads my journals probably thinks that I have too much time on my hands but I keep a record of everything for a reason. I never want to forget a second of this beautiful life that I have been blessed with and I want to continuously document just how lucky I am. Some day I will write my biography for everyone to read and I hope that they will realise just how much I appreciate everything good about me. So I’ll keep writing, because, fifty years from now I want to sit down and read back over all of my journals. And when I do, I will know that I’ve spent my life doing what I loved to do and what made me happy. 

This particular entry is amusing for me. I had the dream of an autobiography at the back of my mind, but I never ever imagined getting myself together enough to write one at eighteen years of age. Writing has always been such a solace to me and everything that’s happened this year has been a dream come true. Making my desires into a reality has been the most thrilling experience of my life (so far). I am so grateful for everything that’s happened to me up until now and everything that I know is coming my way. Thank you to my readers. Thank you to those who bought “Who Cares?” Thank you to those who have supported me this far and who will continue to support me. You are all amazing. You are all beautiful. I owe you everything.

Watch My Writing Process below:

Read a letter I wrote to my teacher after I was caught changing in the female bathrooms here.

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