Tell your children

When your child sees me on the street and turns to ask you “is that a boy or a girl?” this is what you do.

Do not shush them and usher them away from me. Do not pretend it didn’t happen. Do not simply smile at me sympathetically. And definitely do not say “I don’t know.”

I will never be offended by the words of your child. They have an excuse. The only thing that can offend me is your reaction. You do not.

Tell your child that there are boys who become girls, and girls who become boys. Simply because they’re happier doing so.

Tell them also that some people do not want to be boys or girls and that they don’t have to be.

Tell them that it doesn’t actually matter whether someone is a boy or a girl.

Tell them that everyone, themselves included, can be who they want to be. Because why not?

Then, if I’ve decided to hang around, smile at me and carry on with your day.

And I will carry on with mine.

Watch My Mental Health Journey (So Far) below:


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