When I was in sixth class, we had a woman come in to build our class relationship. Thinking back, we must have had a lot of confrontation to need that particular talk but none of us noticed this at the time. Everyone had to make a paper fan and it was passed around. Everyone wrote their opinion of that person on each line of the fan. This was what was written on mine:

Good Laugh.

David is a good friend and a good laugh.

David is Kind

He is good at drama.

He is sound.

He is funny and a good friend.

He is funny.

Is good at drama.

Great friend really funny simply the best.

Good at acting.

Good singer.

A good friend and a very good actor.

Always laughing.


Best friend.

Funny great craic and the best.

You’re the best BFF!

Dave you’re the best.



Brilliant actor.

I remember being really thrilled when I got my fan back but now that I look back I’m honestly feeling less so. Certain things such as “hyper,” “brill” and “a good friend and a very good actor” seem to be somewhat backhanded. For example, was the third one suggesting that I was a better actor than I was friend?

I’m joking obviously. These things are so funny to look back on. It’s lovely to read over the (sort of) kind words of eleven and twelve year-olds.  I’m so grateful that I used to document all of these things in my journals.

Sometimes I feel as though I’m a million miles away from the child that was written about on that fan. But I’m okay with that. Change is something worth embracing and honestly, that child was a fake bitch. I should probably cut him some slack considering how young he was, but I don’t really like thinking about him.

The point of this chapter was not only to share a funny aspect of my past (or to bash my childhood self) but rather to remind each of you that I was once a child. I know I don’t talk about my (distant) past that often but I don’t know why that is.

Maybe it’s because I don’t remember that time period too well (I suspect I blocked a lot of it out). Maybe it’s because I’m so focused on my teenage self, but I will make an effort in the future to try and go back further. Because I honestly have always kind of lead an extremely colourful life, even when I was only very small.

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Watch how I bleach my hair below:


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