With some of the successes and achievements that I’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded lately, I’ve noticed something that’s been somewhat annoying for me.

Whenever anyone has been congratulating me, they follow up by telling me that I must have amazing parents in order to be so determined and confident.

And it’s true. I do have amazing parents. I think they’re fantastic and I’m so grateful for the support that they give me. However, I’ve also worked very hard on my own.

During my teenage years, I alone learned to love myself. I alone didn’t let anyone hold me back from doing and wearing what I wanted. I alone overcame obstacle upon obstacle that I was faced with.

When I decided to write a book, I did absolutely everything by myself (except for my Mam’s chapter). My family wasn’t even aware that I was writing that book for most of the process.

When it came to distributing the book, they helped me financially (something I cannot thank them enough for). But I alone found the names of particular people in the media and proceeded to make them aware of my work.

I’ve never really been very dependant on my family. So, although they would have helped me at the drop of a hat, I didn’t ever really ask them to give me a hand with any of this.

Maybe people don’t expect an eighteen-year-old to be as capable as I am. Perhaps people have just never expected any of this from me personally. Maybe people just cannot understand when youth become successful on their own.

When people say this to me, I’m certain that they don’t mean to offend me, but I can’t help but feel as though they are minimising my achievement. Perhaps I am being oversensitive and perhaps this chapter was quite self indulgent, but I really needed to say this.

Believe it or not, I don’t actually expect everyone to fall at my feet and worship me (well, not every time they see me). But suggesting that my parents are the reason that I’ve come so far is genuinely quite a problematic thing to say to me.

Read about why I’m weary of people’s opinions here.

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