I’m sure that we are all well aware of the less than broad standards of beauty that are inflicted upon us as a society. But something that I cannot understand is the word if relating to what is and isn’t considered beautiful.

How often do you hear people making idiotic statements about beauty? Statements like “she would be pretty if she had a better sense of style” or “he would have a beautiful face if he just lost some weight.”

Listen to yourselves. Where did this idea originate from that a person needs to be young and thin with a nice hairstyle and a good fashion sense in order to be considered attractive?

If you can see beauty, it’s there. It’s not hidden behind an old face. It’s not distorted by a bit of extra weight. It’s not ruined by an unfashionable outfit. We cannot decide that anyone is any less beautiful because of one aspect of their body.

We really need to overcome the strict regulations that are put on beauty these days. We need to stop viewing people who are not stereotypically beautiful as “people in progress.” We need to stop being comfortable with only the stereotypes of beauty.

Beauty is everywhere. There’s beauty in everyone (I think). And if you can not or will not recognise that, then I really do feel sorry for you.

Read about my experiences of being pitied here.

Watch how to feel good in the wrong body below:


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