I get my inspiration from an awful lot of places. In general, it comes from the people around me.

Those who are regular readers of my writing will probably be delighted to know that I won’t be talking about myself for the next while.

My plan is to tell stories. Not stories that are particularly extraordinary. But the stories of everyday people in different walks of life.

Tangerine dreams is a series of interviews conducted by myself. Interviews with people who I want to know more about.

I’m excited about this project. This project will temporarily shift the focus from me, to those around me. And I think that’s necessary in order to understand me.

It comes in between season 1 and season 2 of Laylah Talks. It’s a diversion from my traditional format and a welcome one at that.

I hope this is as fulfilling as I think it will be.

Best wishes,

David Beattie.

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