I want to talk about this belief that seems to be out there that you can’t be happy while you’re transitioning. I think certain people actually believe that because you’re not yet in the “right “body,” you won’t be happy until you are.

But obviously that’s no way to live. I actually can’t believe that people would be of that mind-set. I’m really not trying to be cheesy but you have to embrace the body that you’re in, no matter what stage you find yourself at. That’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s definitely not impossible.

You, as a transgender person are no less of a man or a woman than a cisgender person is. Your body doesn’t decide your gender, you decide it. When you look into a mirror, you should not be asking yourself do I look like a man or a woman? You should be looking at the person that you are.

I’m 6 foot 3, I have broad shoulders and I struggle to find “female” clothes that will both fit and suit me. However, I don’t think I feel like less of a woman than any of my girlfriends feel.

It’s so important not to bash the biologically female or male parts of your body that you were born with.

In a world where people get so caught up with “passing,” it’s easy to slip into a mindset where you go “I’ll feel beautiful when I have no facial hair, or when I have breasts or when I have a more feminine looking wardrobe.” But as clichéd as it sounds, it’s literally so easy to feel beautiful now.

Recognise that there are women out there with deep voices and thick body hair and Adam’s apples. Recognise that there are men out there who mightn’t be very tall with wide hips and perhaps breasts.

Your happiness does not come from what you look like or what stage you’re at. Your happiness comes from when you fully accept yourself as a transgender citizen.

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