Hello, it’s me. David Beattie. I’ve been up to a lot since the last time you properly heard from me. Let’s catch up.

I have now written two books and a booklet and I can call myself a writer without feeling like a fraud. However, the things that I expected to happen when I wrote books haven’t happened. These were:

  1. Spending my days sitting in a coffee shop with an expensive laptop. Sitting for hours gazing into the distance, typing furiously and sipping expressos while numerous people fall in love with me. Instead I usually write in my pyjamas with a pot of pasta beside me as wet hair drips onto my battered laptop.
  2. Receiving an email from my favourite singer Lana Del Rey. She tells me that she’s read my books and wants to fly me to LA to live with her. I tell her that I can only live with her for half of the year because I am so busy.
  3. Losing all of my friends because I kept writing about their lives and moving to a cabin in the woods to creatively write books far away from civilisation.
  4. Being honoured by the government with numerous medals etc. Michael D still doesn’t reply to my tweets. Enda Kenny knows that I hate him.
  5. Having people stop me on the streets so I can sign their copies of my books which they carry with them at all times because they constantly reread them.
  6. Dramatically lying on my kitchen floor with a bottle of wine and a tub of ice cream because I don’t believe in my talent. Unfortunately, I continue to believe in myself and be proud of my achievements. Hopefully I get there some day.

Never again will I take such a long break from running this blog. Technically it wasn’t a break but I missed writing while I worked on my podcast.

I am now telling my story in a few different formats: my books, my blog and now YouTube videos. After resisting the urge to regularly upload Youtube videos for so long, I finally gave in and started a working channel. Yet another way for me to bore you.

I had my first TV appearance on “Vogue on the Edge,” which I immensely enjoyed filming and later watching. That was a crazy experience to top the most productive Summer of my life.

There’s lots more to come. I’m so enjoying myself and so grateful that my work really seems to be growing into new exciting things.

Thank you so much for everything.

It’s so good to be back.

David Beattie.



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