Monday. Aoife and I get up earlyish for college. We get the bus in together chatting about how it feels as though we’ve been back for weeks. On the bus I receive a text from a boy who I’ve been talking to for a while. He goes to college nearby and he asks me would I like to go for coffee with him when we’re both finished. I tell him that I’d love to and pop my phone back into my bag. We have a few lectures and I then have lunch with a couple of my friends. In TV I’m the first to stand up and volunteer. I have a feeling that this will be my favourite module this year. After saying goodbye to my friends, I walk down to a coffee shop where I meet the boy. I have a peppermint tea (to stop the jitters) and we go for a walk in the park. I have my first kiss in a while which is nice. Afterwards, I get a bus while I have a phone call with one of my friends who I haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s only then when I realise that I haven’t written a post that I was supposed to publish on my website. It’s very unlike me to get behind on things like that, but my hectic schedule is not helping with my organisation. I take out my notebook where I have the main jist of my post written down. I publish it to my blog via my phone and with that, “Tangerine Dreams,” a new mini-series has begun. I spend a few hours in the hospital with my Gran before she falls asleep. My aunty then buys me a chipper and brings me back to my Gran’s house. I wonder how my waist isn’t rapidly expanding with all the junk-food I’m consuming before I go off to sleep early.

Tuesday. I wake up early for college knowing that I have a busy day ahead. I walk up the road from my Gran’s house to catch the bus. It is there that I bump into my Gran’s sister. We walk up to the stop and get the bus together. She’s on her way to the hospital and I’m so enjoying being in her company as I never get to spend time with her. While we are having a conversation, an elderly woman sitting in front of us turns around to stare at me a few times. I’m unphased as I’m pretty used to this but Kitty seems to be bothered by it. The woman then presses a religious medal into my hand telling me it will bring me a miracle. Although I am not comforted by religion, I appreciate the gesture (while also wondering if I look as though I need a miracle). Kitty gets of the bus at the hospital and I continue on into town. When my lectures are finished, I get to work. I have three interviews to do for “Tangerine Dreams.” I meet Isabelle Evans first and conduct that interview. After that, myself and Isabelle go to get a bit of lunch. Catherine Devane then arrives and I walk back up the street with her. We record our interview before deciding to go to a coffee shop for while. After that, I walk around with Catherine as she shops for a half hour before running off to meet Ciara in a gorgeous bar. The staff very kindly let us go to the private area downstairs where we record our interview over glasses of prosecco. When we are done we sit and chat over another glass. I have a surreal moment where I realise that I’m sitting having a drink with a woman that I’ve idolised for a long time now. It’s an amazing feeling. I then have to leave. I walk up through town feeling on top of the world and hop on a bus to the hospital. I arrive just in time to say goodnight to Gran and have a bit of a chat with her. I get a lift back to her house with my Aunty. I then sit down with my laptop to begin editing Ciara’s interview. Unfortunately, this is all new territory for me so it takes me a lot longer than expected. In fact, I stay up most of the night trying to get it done. After finally figuring it out and feeling pleasantly exhausted, I lie down to get a few hour’s sleep.

Wednesday. College doesn’t start until the afternoon so I get to have a small lie in. I wake up and make myself a cup of coffee before sitting down at my laptop to upload the first episode of “Tangerine Dreams.” I then head into town to attend my lecture. After the hour is up, I walk back towards the bus to the hospital. I love the feeling of the sun on my face as I slowly walk through the streets there. It’s nice not being in a hurry for a few minutes. When the bus drops me off at the hospital, I go up and sit with my Gran. You may be wondering whether I spend all of my time sitting and staring into her face. Quite the opposite in fact. I am more than overjoyed to chat to her when she’s in the mood. But when she’s not, I’m quite happy to sit reading a book or scribbling in a notebook. I know she’s going through a lot right now so it’s completely understandable when she’s not in a chatty mood. After hanging out with my Gran for a couple of hours, I head back to my own apartment. I jump into bed to watch TV and I’m also chatting to the boy from the date on Monday. Unfortunately, we have a little bit of a disagreement about something. We don’t try to reconcile it. Neither of us have put that much into this mini romance and for now, we’re not interested in sorting through our differences. We leave it on civil terms and I feel totally okay with it. As I nestle deeper into my warm bed with a book and some food, I feel far from lonely. I go to sleep feeling as positive as ever.



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