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Thursday. I awake early and run down to get the bus. As I travel through rush hour traffic, I jot things down in my notebook. I’m feeling particularly inspired today. When I arrive into my radio class, I’m horrified to discover that we’re learning how to edit audio files; the thing that kept me up for hours on Tuesday night. Eventually, I just have to laugh it off and sit as the lecturer explains exactly what I spent ages teaching myself. After college Sophie and I go for lunch together before we head to the shops. I buy myself a new book and give her some hints for my birthday present. I pretend not to see as she buys me a book that I’ve wanted for ages. I arrive at the hospital to see my sister Emma has travelled up from Kerry and is conversing with my Gran. She drives me to Dundrum and we have dinner in Wagamamas.

Friday. I wake up and begin to get ready as Emma takes out her phone and tells me that she’s going to begin listening to the episode of “Tangerine Dreams” that had gone up two days previously. I am horrified by what I hear from her phone. The background music is drowning out the voices of both myself and Ciara. This seriously embarrasses me because it did not sound like that on my laptop. I’m still not sure how that happened but I’ve been very careful about any interviews that I’ve edited since. I only have a little bit of time but I run to my laptop and try to fix the problem. After taking the video down, thereby deleting its views and likes, I begin editing again. I don’t get it done on time and am disheartened that my first video was so messed up and has had to be taken down. We go to the hospital for the day and I try to forget it. I’ll sort it out at the first chance I get. After spending about an hour with my Gran, I have to go to an event. There’s another bus strike on so I head into town on the train. I meet Danú and Lauren and we have a glass of wine. We then go into an event called “Choice Box” in which speeches and performances were made relating to the choice for abortion and repealing the 8th amendment. This is because the following day was the global day for access to abortion. It was an amazing, inspiring event that I was very happy to be a part of. I run up to get the Luas home which is running quite late. When I arrive at my destination, my Mam is understandably annoyed that she has had to come and collect me so late. No offense to her, but I begin to remember why I was so desperate to move out when I lived at home. I hate when other people have to be responsible for driving and collecting me from places. I collapse into bed and fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow.

Saturday. It’s my 19th birthday. I’m not ecstatic to be 19 and truthfully, I’m a little bit reluctant to leave my 18th year behind me. It’s been a remarkable year for me but I know that these thoughts are only counterproductive. Mam and I head up to the shops early. We go into a café that we both like but it is packed full of people. We decide to get a breakfast on the go and head into the hospital. After we’ve done that and we’re driving away from the shops we get a call from my aunty who is in the café and has saved us a table. We turn the car around and go back. We have a gorgeous breakfast and then head into the hospital. The minute we arrive at the hospital, I run to catch a train into town (because of the bus strikes..again). It is lashing rain and I am not feeling very well. I know that I shouldn’t be outdoors but this cause is very important to me. I call Danú and she tells me that she’s there. It’s lashing rain but I’m wearing sunglasses and no hood. As I walk towards the garden of remembrance I take in the scenes. People are out in hordes chanting and screaming about a cause that we’re all united on. I go and join the crowd with Danú as we march through town. The atmosphere is electric at the March for a Woman’s Right to Choose and I am so glad I came. At one point the march stops beside the hospital where I was born and I stare at it thinking that it’s been 19 years to the day since I arrived there. The march stops at a stage about forty minutes later and I have to take off as I am really not feeling well. I get the train back out to the hospital where my Mam is waiting with a birthday cake. My Gran presents me with a card and I feel grateful to be with her. I spend a few hours at the hospital before we drive out to a local tapas restaurant that I’ve never been to before. I have dinner here with my cousin Stephen, my Mam, my Dad and my sister Emma. After that, my Mam and myself go to my aunty and uncle’s house to have a few drinks and a chat. After a long day, we drive back to my Gran’s house and I jump immediately into bed. I’m grateful for the day that I’ve had but even more grateful to be in a warm bed for the night.

Sunday. I wake up exhausted. The weeks have finally caught up to me. I am tired, I am grumpy, I should really be alone. Myself, Emma and my Dad drive to my aunty’s grave as it’s her birthday. We leave some flowers on her grave as well as on the ones of some other family members nearby. Emma and I then drive into the hospital. We chat to Gran and then Mam and Emma leave. Gran sleeps for a few hours while I read my book, happy to be alone. Then, just as she wakes up, my Dad texts me to tell me that he’s outside. He drives me out to a shopping centre where he buys me groceries and we have a bit of food together. Dad then brings me home and we carry a bookcase that I’ve been gifted by my aunty up to my room. I fear that I’m getting old because the thought of a new bookcase actually excites me. I say goodbye to Dad and have a coffee with my feet up in my own kitchen while flicking through a magazine. I then go and clean my extremely cluttered room, filling the new bookcase and putting all my clothes away. After changing my bed, having a long hot shower and getting into fresh pyjamas, I pick up a book and read a few chapters before falling asleep. I am very happy to be in my own bed.

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