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I’ve been bleaching my hair for a couple of years now. People get really surprised when they find out I bleach my own hair. I think a lot of people have this fear of home bleaching kits because they think that they badly damage your hair but if you take precautions and do it correctly, there’s no reason that your hair should start, I don’t know, falling out.

So there are a few different things that I’ll do to protect my hair and afterwards it’s not really in awful condition. I’d usually bleach my hair about once every two months, depending on the condition of my hair and just whether I feel the need to or not.

I always, always always put coconut oil on my hair the day before I intend to bleach it. The oil replicates the buildup of natural oils in your hair and it protects your scalp and hair from the bleach. 

So the bleach I use is Jerome Russell Bblonde. There’s a box of powder bleach that you have to add to your mixture and then you buy a little bottle of maximum cream peroxide. I always buy the 40 volume because I think it lightens your hair a lot more.

Then I’ll mix the powder bleach with the liquid in a plastic bowl. I like to throw some crushed up vitamin C tablets into the mixture because I think that really helps with the lightening process. When it’s fully mixed, I’ll apply it all over my oiled hair starting with the roots and spreading it to the tip. I leave it on for 20 minutes, maybe a little bit longer sometimes. I’ll usually follow it up with a good toner and a hair mask to avoid it feeling all crackly and thin.

And that’s it. Good luck bleaching your hair and I hope it goes as well for you as it usually does for me. 

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