I’m pro social media.

Although I recognise that it has its disadvantages, I think it brings a lot of inspiration and information to people that couldn’t really be accessed before.

Part of this job is being your own little PR person on social media in order to gain followers and likes and create interest in your brand. I’m afraid that’s an aspect of the job that I’m not very good at.

Instagram seems to be the place where you’ll see it the most. People following you only to unfollow you minutes later. People liking your photos only so they can draw your attention to their page. It’s strange. I highly doubt that it works very well in the long term.

I’ve started speaking on Snapchat as per the recommendation of someone knowledgeable about this industry. It was nerve-wracking to begin putting myself out there like that, but Snapchat is now where I have the biggest following for some bizarre reason. But still, I don’t speak to Snapchat nearly as much as I know I should.

On Twitter, I mostly talk about my own experiences and articles I’ve read about human rights issues. I promote my content there too but I try not to push it too hard.

My Facebook is quite private and I try to keep it that way. I have a professional Facebook page but I only promote my content there. I don’t really have any desire to put up funny pictures or any of that stuff for the sake of a few likes.

What I’m trying to say is that I’d much rather attempt to grow my brand organically. Personally, I believe that the people I bring to my website should be people who actually want to be there. I’m aware that goes against the advice of every professional, but I think if you’re putting out content that you’re passionate about, people will come to see it no matter what you do.

I admire and respect people who use all of the mentioned tools (and more) to build their brand. It shows real dedication and patience. I don’t mean to be insulting or rude. I just think that it’s not the way I want to do this. It may mean that it will take a bit longer for me to reach a massive number of followers, but so be it. I’d rather not rush it anyway.

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