I’m probably a little bit too fond of my internal voice. As narcissistic as it sounds, I sometimes have to be careful that I’m still listen to the opinions and observations of other people because I enjoy my own mind so much.

As much as I love Bridget Jones, I would hate to be her. Having a voice inside your head constantly telling you that you’re doing things wrong must be torturous. I have issues around control, meaning that one of my biggest priorities is constantly keeping tabs on what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. As exhausting as that can be, it means that my internal monologue is encouraging, forgiving, lighthearted and inspirational.

I think it’s vital to take steps to do this. To not be constantly giving out to yourself about stupid things. To not let your inner voice tell you how messy you were the night before or how lazy you are because you put off writing that article again or how little you’re doing with your life or how much you have to do in a short space of time.

Being kind to yourself is obviously a huge part of self-care, but it can be difficult to monitor your thoughts all of the time. But I really do urge you to try it.

After you’ve eaten that cake, cut off the inner voice that tells you you were wrong to do so. After you’ve tripped in front of a group of people, laugh at the inner voice that tells you they all think you’re a fool. After you’ve spent your last tenner on a lunch and a coffee, disregard the inner voice that tells you it’s not worth it.

Where did this idea originate that we should allow our minds to beat us up like this? Why is it the premise of so many comedic novels when it’s extremely toxic? Why should anyone take shit from something that they can control with a little bit of practice?

I’m not going to.

And you shouldn’t either.

Read about why I don’t want to be considered a person in progress.

For more about self-love, check out this video:

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