Boys, Girls and Me.

Since LaylahTalks is now a year old, I’ve decided to resurrect certain dead posts from season 1. This post (which tells the story of how I dealt with getting stood up) is the first out of three.

Laylah Talks

I’m drinking my last cup of black tea before I go asleep. My phone vibrates. It’s late and I wonder who would be up at this time.  I’m sitting in the dark, wrapped in my silk dressing gown, with the only source of light coming from my laptop. I’m listening to soft, slow songs and doing my nails. I have a text from a boy who I met online. We’ve been texting back and forth for a few days and he is quite sweet. I also think that he’s quite attractive. He is always the one that initiates conversation between us and he seems a lot more interested in me than I am in him.

The message asks me to go on a date with him. I think about it for a while before telling him that I will. He wants to go to a tapas bar in the city…

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