I’ve started wearing dresses and they look very good on me. It all began when I fell in love with a dress while shopping with two of my friends and when I put in on, all three of us gasped. My friend lent me the money to buy it and I paid her back the following week.

Then, a week later, I was once again shopping with some friends when I saw another dress that I thought was lovely. This time I had money to buy it so I did.

Then I dug out a dress that I’d mistakenly bought as a teenager thinking I could wear it as a long top and started wearing that too. Then I was doing a fashion show and they put me in a lovely vintage black dress followed by a very short multi-coloured dress. Then I bought another dress for a night out I was going on. Then my friend lent me a dress for a party I was going to. They all looked very lovely on me I can assure you.

I don’t have any breasts yet but luckily none of the dresses require cleavage so I feel very comfortable in them.

Lots of people have been complimenting me on my dresses. One man was checking out my ass in a tight dress at a bar and when I turned around and he spotted my Adam’s apple he said to his friend “jaysus that’s a lad.” I think he was about forty and I know he was disgusting.

This hasn’t been a major thing for me. I’ve enjoyed wearing my new dresses the same way I enjoy wearing any new outfits. I think some people have been slightly confused though. Well it’s mainly lecturers that are mystified when they have to call me David while I rock a dress into class.

I admit that for a nanosecond I thought about changing my name and pronouns now that I’m regularly wearing dresses but I realised that I’m still not that interested in doing so. For the foreseeable, I’ll continue to be a boy* in a dress.

I started a new job and for the first day I bought a lovely skirt and top (it’s very sexy secretary). My sister Emma asked me whether I was going to introduce myself as Laylah or David.

Before you think I’m going to do my usual thing of being (in some people’s opinions) ruthless to people with only the best intentions, I’m not. This was a very reasonable question for her to ask and I actively encourage curiosity.

I’m in no more of a hurry than I ever was to change my name or my pronouns. I don’t know why I haven’t yet but the fact that I now expose my legs to the public doesn’t change anything to do with my identity. For now I’m simply a boy* in a dress and I’m very comfortable with that.

So I will continue to rock dresses and skirts and high heels and blouses and an array of other clothing that I adore, but I will also continue to identify as David. That may confuse some but I have no problem explaining it to them, (or sending them the link to this article) just as I’ve never had a problem explaining any aspects of my gender transition to anyone (within reason).

I’ve never made an effort to make other people feel comfortable when it comes to me and my gender transition because I’ve always believed that it’s only important whether I feel comfortable and not anyone else.

So if you see me around Dublin rocking a dress make sure to stop me and compliment me and make me do a twirl because as I’ve said before I finally have an ass and I love it when people notice.

Or if you don’t want to behave creepily towards me by pointing out my ass a simple smile will suffice.

It’s your choice.

*Before people come at me and tell me I’m not a boy I think it’s important to stress that I define my own identity and for now I identify as a boy and it’s incredibly annoying when people tell me otherwise because I’m completely aware of the fact that I’m a girl in the “wrong body” because I’ve grown up a girl in the “wrong body” but I like saying that I’m a boy in a dress because I think it makes me sound somehow cool.

Here’s a video on Why I’m Still Using Male Pronouns:

Read this article on why I’m Transgender Not Unreasonable. 

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