I don’t think I’m a particularly annoying person, but I definitely have the capacity to be annoying. Here is a list of some things that I’ve noticed are quite annoying and that I’m trying to improve upon. Please do join me while I self-deprecate in the spirit of self-improvement.Interrupting People. I come from a family of interrupters. In fact, one of my recurring childhood memories is of me sitting in the company of my Mam, my Gran or my aunty and being interrupted constantly when I’d join in the conversation. My Mam and members of her extended family would tell you about their tendency to interrupt others. The running joke is that a family gathering largely consists of us all just interrupting each other. One of the things that I love about my family is that we all have a lot to say. But I’ve noticed that I have a habit of frequently interrupting friends and acquaintances to weigh in on stories that they’re telling me. This is an incredibly annoying habit of mine but I will say for myself that I almost always remember when I’ve interrupted a person and will make an effort to return the floor to them when I’ve finished whatever I interrupted them to say.

If you’re feeling sorry for my childhood self that constantly found himself getting interrupted, please don’t. I was an incredibly boring child who loved the sound of my own voice. My family members had every reason to interrupt me. Anyway, once I was done trying to shove my way into adult conversations, I’d retreat straight to my playroom to continue whatever game I was playing.

Procrastinating from Snapchat. I actually have quite a surprising number of people who follow me on Snapchat and I’m simply awful at keeping them updated. I’ll come back every now and again and talk about what I’m up to, always vowing that I’ll update more in the future. But my days seriously lack any sort of a routine. I never really know what time I’ll make it home, whether I’ll be spending the evening in my bedroom or whether I’ll fall into bed late that night. Also, it seems that almost everyone I follow on Snapchat seems to do their updates from their cars. I don’t drive and I can’t very well start shouting about my life on a bus full of people. Perhaps some day I’ll improve my Snapchat skills but for now I’ll stop annoyingly making promises that I can’t keep about when I’ll next be giving updates. I should really learn how to Snapchat properly because it’s a great way to interact with people and I’m incredibly nosey about the people who follow me.

Sighing for no reason. This one somewhat confuses me. Sometimes I’ll sit with a group of people feeling completely content only to find myself letting out a deep, frustrated sounding sigh. I’ve only noticed this recently but I suspect I’ve been doing it for a while. I can only imagine what my peers must think of me sighing rudely while sitting in their company. It’s something I really must get a handle on.

Getting too drunk. I’ve never been very good at knowing my limits with anything, but the most disruptive thing this affects is my drinking habits. Recently I’ve had a large number of nights out where I’ve woken up struggling to remember the details or the different conversations that I had with people. I thankfully haven’t had any situation where I’ve embarrassed myself (too much) but it’s annoying when I’m not entirely sure of what I’ve done on a night out. I think I just need to learn to actually pace myself more when it comes to drinking.

Talking About Myself. Oh God I could talk about myself all day if you let me. Honestly I do find it hard to shift the conversation from being 95% about myself because I have an annoying need to fill silences with anecdotes and I have an annoying number of anecdotes to share (but you already know that if you’re one of my readers). I need to learn to ask people about themselves more and to listen more. Because as enjoyable as it can be to talk about myself, I should probably stick to doing it in my writing to prevent myself from boring the crap out of everyone in my personal life.

Being mean to people. Sometimes I can be unintentionally mean to people that I’m actually interested in. I honestly think this may be rooted in my teenage years. I spent so long being viewed as undesirable that I’ve become defensive towards boys that may actually have an interest in me. Recently, I’ve found myself running from and being rude to boys who appear to actually be showing an interest in me on nights out. Sometimes I’m not attracted to them but other times I can’t really give you a reason. It’s a shame and it’s also annoying but I suspect I’ll resolve this issue soon enough.

Repeating myself. I’ve found that I have a tendency to repeat certain stories or sentiments to people (particularly when I’ve been drinking). Even after people tell me that they’ve already heard what I’m about to say, I find it very difficult to put a stop to my tangent. But I’m making a huge effort to stop this because I really hate when people do it to me.

Reading over this list it’s a miracle that anyone likes to spend time with me but I’m guessing I must have a few redeeming qualities hidden somewhere inside me. Self-improvement is always a goal of mine so I actually think it’s really important to be aware of stuff like this. I just count myself lucky that everyone in my life doesn’t have their own lists of annoying things I do (I hope).

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