I’m an awful moan aren’t I? Recently I’ve noticed that my writing has become a bit more serious, and that’s been a very necessary thing. I’m becoming more and more honest about negative experiences and that’s probably been very beneficial for certain people. But let’s take a little break from that so I can share some of the positive experiences I’ve had in recent times.

Sitting in my Grandmother’s porch. When my Grandmother narrowly escaped death last year, I found myself craving her company. For years, I’ve sat with my Gran in her porch reading or putting the world to rights. As she lay unconscious, I wished with all of my heart that I’d get the opportunity to do this with her again. And in recent weeks, I’ve gotten to do just that. I’ve swelled with happiness every time I got to sit with her, soaking up the sun and having meaningful conversations. I don’t know why we were lucky enough to get my Grandmother back in near miraculous circumstances, but I thank the stars every day that we did.

Watching TV beside my dogs. Getting to spend a few weeks working at home over Christmas most certainly had its benefits. I got to catch up on all the TV programmes that my Mam had recorded for me. Whenever I’m home alone, I let my beloved dogs up on the couch even though it’s forbidden (sorry Mam!) and watch TV in between the both of them. This was something that I had missed an awful lot so it was extremely rewarding to get to do that again. Particularly considering the fact that Alfie, (more to come on him) died very unexpectedly a couple of weeks after I had returned to Dublin.

Hearing from more of you than ever. Since my appearance on The Late Late show I’ve had more people than ever reach out to me and connect with my story. I never know what to say to people when they do, always feeling sort of uncharacteristically bashful when they commend me for my work, but I love the experience and I’m extremely grateful for it. I really hope that those who reach out to me recognise that.

Hanging out with people who are cooler than me. Recently, I’ve recieved many opportunities to meet and work with a lot of people who I really admire. In a way I feel almost as though I’m back in secondary school, except this time I don’t do that annoying thing of looking for approval. It’s really nice to hang out with people who challenge and inspire me. I hope it’s something that continues.

A trip with my friend. A couple of months ago, I went on a break to a seaside hotel in Donabate with my friend and roommate. It was such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and I’m so happy we did it. Groupon is another thing I often feel the need to express gratitude for.

A trip with my family. The weekend before my exams began, I travelled to Kerry with some of my family to visit my sister Emma. We spent the weekend doing touristy things and visiting beautiful nature spots. By the time I returned, I felt very at peace and ready for the week that I was facing. I don’t get to spend time with my immediate family very often, but when I do, I always enjoy it.

There, that was nice wasn’t it?

Now I’ll get back to moaning.

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Watch how I block out negativity below:

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