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The Struggles of Being a Feminist.

It can be incredibly hard to be a feminist, in particular an outspoken feminist. There are many causes of frustration when you choose to speak about feminism. Here’s a list of struggles you’ll encounter should you become a feminist.

People constantly tell you what you believe in.

Even when you consistently insist that feminism is about equality, you will constantly be called a man-hater or labelled unreasonable. People are threatened by feminism and they will take that out on you, usually in the form of trying to define what feminism is. But I define my own feminism and I decide what I believe in. No one else.


Trolls are constantly targeting feminists and it’s really tiring. If you make the decision to write about feminism, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get trolled for doing so. In fact, the first experience of trolling I ever had was when I wrote an article about feminism. I can’t tell you the amount of feminists I look up to that I’ve seen leave twitter or refrain from using the internet because of the outright vicious trolling that they receive and that can be really disheartening.

The eye-rolls.

People tend to disregard your opinions that bit more when you identify as a feminist. If you try and bring up a certain topic they’ll do this frankly infuriating eye-roll and make some smart comment like “of course you have something to say,” or “here comes the feminism.” Even rational, reasonable people who agree with most of what you say, won’t like the fact that you identify as a feminist or that you identify certain outlooks as feminist ones. That can be tough.

The reluctant feminists around you.

It can be such a struggle to see people around you who believe in all of the feminist ideologies and who should be feminists, but who are reluctant to identify as such because of all the stigma. Some people just won’t accept the fact that they’re feminists because they’re scared and as hard as it is to accept, you can’t do anything to change this.

Not a lot of people care.

It’s really difficult to actually care about causes when not a lot of people do. Sometimes it seems as though the world is full of negative, uncaring, cruel people who couldn’t give a crap about any of the cause that you feel so passionately about. There are days where you contemplate giving up your activism or feel like getting into bed and shutting the curtains forever, but if you can make any sort of a difference for a cause that you care about, then it will always be worth it.

Of course there are struggles to being a feminist but it would never dishearten me from being one. I truly believe in feminism which makes any of the disadvantages incredibly worth it. After all, there are disadvantages to almost everything in life, you just have to decide what’s worth it and what’s not.

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