Introspection is the act of looking within oneself.

I believe in introspection and I believe that when embarking on a journey of introspection, it’s vital to delve back into your past. I find it tough to write about my past in a way that honours my younger self. And there’s so much to talk about in my present that I often end up writing about that instead.

It often strikes me how much intense change I’ve gone through in the past few years and it probably all stems from my 15th year on this earth. It’s hard to process. Hard to imagine myself back in those years. It’s even harder to summarise the relentless change that brought an unhappy teenage boy in rural Ireland to live the life of a glamorous teenage girl in Dublin city.

I honestly think that my 15-year-old self would have trouble recognising and connecting with the current, 19-year old me. So, I’ve decided to introduce them to one another.

Through Introspection, I’ll be able to reflect on these changes. I’ll be able to reflect on the person that I once was. Each chapter of Introspection will be an encounter between my past and present self where we’ll discuss many different topics that are of concern to the both of us.

I’m aware that it will probably be extremely strange and challenging to meet the flamboyant, ambitious, spirited teen that now feels something similar to a stranger, but I can’t wait.

I feel it’s necessary to state that there’s no part of me that wishes these interactions really took place. I don’t wish to go back and give my fifteen-year-old self warnings like the ghost of Christmas future. I’m very happy with the way my life has worked out thus far and there’s nothing I’d ask him to change. I just often think about the person I left behind and it will be nice to see him again.

So, join me as I embark on a journey of Introspection and reflection. As I’m reunited with my past, I hope to tell an interesting story, because I’ve had a very interesting few years.

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