Now that I’ve made my ebook “Just Saying” free to the public (you can download the full thing here), I’ve decided to publish the unseen chapters here on my website. Below is a chapter from this book which was published in September 2016.

I’m releasing this book six days before I turn nineteen. If someone could have told me that I’d have two books published when I was eighteen, there’s no way that I’d have believed it.

When I finished “Who Cares?” I had no intention of writing another book. In fact, I had no idea that I’d even continue to share my story. I honestly thought that I’d finish it, publish it and move on from it. But I found that I needed a new project to work on. So that’s exactly what I did. I’m unsure where I will be going from here, but I will most certainly enjoy figuring that out. What I do know is that I won’t be stopping here because I truly love the path that I’m currently on. Watch this space.

“Just Saying” is my second collection of essays that I wanted to share with the world. Truthfully, I kind of expect you to have read “Who Cares?” when you’re reading this but it’s not vital. Most of these essays were first published on my blog but they are now exclusively available inside this book.

Why should you read a book of essays that are from a blog? Well as of September the 17th 2016, you will no longer be able to view those essays on my website. This is because the first season of my blog entitled “Just Saying” is officially over. It’s been truly wild.

Some of the content is exclusive to this book and has never been published elsewhere. I’m very proud of the content and I feel as though it was a very necessary addition to my story.

When I look back on my writing, I regret how unsure of myself and apologetic I seem in both these first few chapters and also in “Who Cares?” I definitely feel like my voice has grown a lot stronger than what it was just a mere number of months ago.

I feel as though I’ve also become a lot more open and honest in my writing than I have been in the past. This has been quite a difficult thing for me to do considering the fact that I have a very supportive family who insist on reading my writing. It’s hard to expose myself and my life in so many ways to both my loved ones and to the general public, but I feel as though everything I’ve said has been necessary (so far).

I came up with the cover concept for this book pretty early on in the process. I loved the design of season one of my blog (the 1920’s style pattern) and I wanted to incorporate that into this book. I was also adamant that I wanted to get a photo with my elderly Yorkshire terrier Maggie in the forest. My friend Yasmin then suggested that I should have a glass of wine in my hand because that would be “very me.” I’m unsure whether I should thank her for that particular comment or not.

Lauren Fetherston and I travelled down to Wexford and did a photo-shoot in the woods behind my house which was so enjoyable. We took numerous pictures and I was simply delighted with the end result.

Some of these chapters will be quite short, some are considerably longer, but I did try to avoid going off into big cumbersome rants about nothing. Something that I probably frequently do when I’m speaking to people in person.

There are a few common themes throughout this book; dating, gender, opinions, love and the past. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with each of these things.

I went on a few dates while I wrote this book. Some were enjoyable, some not so much. But I’ve had a bit of fun putting myself out there and having new experiences.

You’ll notice that there are quotes at the top of only some of the essays in here. I started off with my usual format of including a quote that inspired me. But about halfway through this process, I no longer felt the need to do so and I just stopped.

I considered removing the quotes that I had previously included, but I didn’t feel it was honest to do so and as a result, they have been left in.

Naturally, I’m not a negative person but I was once accused of something that I want to clear up here. I have never tried to make out that being trans is easy for everyone. Each trans person goes through different experiences and for some people, it’s an awfully big deal.

However, I have had a relatively good life and I don’t think it’s dishonest of me to try to focus on the positive aspects overall.

Perhaps I’m full of bullshit, who knows? (I’m just realising that I should have called this book “Who Knows?”) Either way, I hope that you enjoy the following essays and I hope that they might help you in some way. Because I worked very hard on every bit of this and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second.

Happy reading,

David Beattie.

JS Cover.

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