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I decided to make this video after I received a message asking how I manage to sound so feminine. Many people have commented about how I don’t really sound like a man throughout my life, which is sort of surprising to me. Here are some tips on making your voice more feminine and also some things that I’ve noticed about voice feminisation.  

Figure out what you sound like.

Listen to a recording of your voice and figure out what you sound like. Be prepared that you probably won’t be happy with the sound of your voice. Personally, I think that I sound too nasally and that my voice isn’t soft enough. You’re your own biggest critic about all of your features so you’re probably going to be overly critical about this too. Make a list of things you could improve on and slowly start working on them.


In my opinion, the best way to like your own voice is to enunciate. When you are pronouncing your words in an understandable, clear manner, you’ll automatically get the interest and attention of other people. This will help a lot with liking the way you speak.

Project your voice.

I think for many male to female people, the instinct is to speak softer to sound more feminine. But projecting your voice exudes a level of confidence that will automatically make people respect you. This makes them less likely to actually question the sound of your voice.

Gradually practice speaking higher.

If you want to speak at a higher pitch, it’s gonna have to be a gradual thing. Test your voice and figure out a higher pitch that feels comfortable and sounds somewhat natural. Speak like that for a few days and if you think you can move up from there, try it. Just don’t go too far and end up damaging your voice.

Keep it natural.

At the end of the day, you’re most likely not going to be able to change your voice drastically. Although you can use these tools to improve your speech and try to make your voice sound slightly more feminine, you shouldn’t change your voice so it sounds unnatural. If you’re trying to get a voice that will fit in as a woman’s then talking in a very unnatural way will do the opposite of that. If you record yourself often, you’ll know whether you’re sounding unnatural.

I do want to stress that how you sound isn’t at all important. There are plenty of cisgender women with deep voices and they probably go through their lives never feeling insecure about it. At the beginning of my transition, I got very caught up with how I sounded and I even looked into voice training lessons but I soon learned that people don’t even really notice the sound of your voice.

There are still days when I feel insecure about it and I do get surprised when people comment on how feminine I sound because I often feel like I sound too masculine. In fact I can actually make my voice incredibly deep. But just because I can make my voice that deep or because I sometimes speak at a lower register, it doesn’t mean I’m any less of a female. The most important thing is to be comfortable with yourself because honestly, people don’t actually care that much about a lot of things we think they will.

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  1. Good advice, I have a pretty squeaky voice to begin with. I find the hardest thing is to be conscious of my voice and not get lazy and revert, especially when I want to assert myself. Also, uncinate the “s” sound. Women do this a lot.

    Also, you do sound very feminine and I luv the accent 🙂

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