I met Caitlyn Jenner

For videos about my transition, click here.

Last night, thanks to the Late Late show, I was lucky enough to meet a very influential figure for transgender citizens and for me, Caitlyn Jenner. It was such an honour to be invited back onto the show and to meet someone who’s been such an important part of my own personal journey. I’m still on a high from the entire experience. However, I’ve been looking on Twitter and I’ve noticed a couple of people complaining about how I was “cut off” by Caitlyn and I wished to have my say on the whole thing.

I was invited along to the show earlier this week and I was very excited about it. I expected myself and my friend to sit in the audience, enjoy Caitlyn’s (and everybody else’s) interview and to go home with a lovely audience prize.

I was geared up for a fun night where I could enjoy the very generous facilities that are always provided by the Late Late show. I didn’t expect any particular preferential treatment. However, during one of the ad breaks of the show, my friend and I were taken backstage by a producer. He told us that Caitlyn wanted to meet me and we were both in awe that we were about to be introduced to one of the most famous women in the world.

Caitlyn greeted us both very warmly with a handshake and a hug and she went above and beyond to be incredibly kind to both myself and my friend. She took an interest in my life and my story, even offering some kind words of advice that were actually far from patronising.

I didn’t expect her to be so nice at all. I’m not saying that I expected her to be unkind, but I didn’t think she’d take such interest in me like she did. I think it’s important to recognise that she was under no obligation to speak to me. No one pressured her to and it wasn’t a condition of her being on the show or anything. She just decided to reach out after hearing a little bit about me. For that, I’m incredibly grateful to her.

Now I’m aware that Caitlyn is a very problematic figure who has landed herself in hot water quite often and I’m not going to defend any of that. I don’t excuse or endorse anything that she’s done to offend people in the past, but I was still honoured to meet her. Her very public transition was genuinely a huge turning point with my own questioning of my gender identity and I don’t think it’s untrue to say that it was the starting point of my own transition.

I thought that her interview on The Late Late was great! Herself and Ryan had a very nice, open chat and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her talk about her life. When they came to me in the audience, I was delighted to repeat what I’d already said to Caitlyn to the public and I thought I expressed myself properly.

Watching back, I can see where people believed that Caitlyn was speaking over me, but I in no way felt interrupted. It was Caitlyn’s interview and she had every right to respond to me however she wanted. Anyone who’s followed me for a while knows that I’m the first to speak out when someone disrespects me, but last night wasn’t one of those times.

I’ve spoken about myself and my story on the late late show and I was very happy with how that went. This wasn’t my time to do so. It was Cait’s.

I just thought that it was important to share the full story of what happened. I have nothing but good things to say about how Caitlyn treated me and I think it’s a shame that people are taking offense because of poor timing. I mean, it’s live TV. Shit happens. Meeting Caitlyn Jenner is definitely a story that I’ll be telling for a long time. I now owe even more to The Late Late Show than I previously did for setting that up for me.

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