Now that I’ve made my ebook “Who Cares? Life for an Irish Transgender Teen” free to the public (you can download the full thing here), I’ve decided to publish the chapters here on my website. Below is a chapter from this book which was published in April 2016.

I don’t mean to make you all cringe here but I do honestly believe that there is a higher power in this world. I don’t believe in a God that sits stroking his white beard and deciding how our days will unfold but I do think that we can manipulate this life to go our own way. I’m not religious at all but I don’t resent people who practice religion. As long as their religion isn’t criticising people’s lives, choices and natures. Unfortunately, the majority of religions seem to do this in some form or another. I would love it if we could all exist peacefully side by side doing our own thing and believing our own beliefs but that’s probably much too idealistic of me. A book that I believe everyone should study in school is The Secret. I know that people love to scoff at this book and disregard it as ridiculous but it actually makes some amazing points. We do control our lives with our thoughts and feelings and I’ve seen the law of attraction in effect on many occasions during my life. Some people can’t grasp it and maybe that will always be the way but you owe it to yourself to at least try to get everything that you could ever want.

I’ll give you a small example. I needn’t say again that this time last year I was having a terrible time. I was broken hearted, living in a place that I longed to escape from and I was desperately unhappy. I had already read and implemented the secret in my life at this stage but I wasn’t really putting it into effect after everything came crashing down (because I had abandoned The Secret for a while to go on a sort of journey of self-discovery (such a cliché)). Now I’d found myself with two choices. I could roll over and accept this unhappy life and hope that something would happen to get me out of it or I could launch myself out of it. I chose the latter. After I had grieved and mourned as much as I needed to, I decided that I would turn things around. I picked myself up, looked around at my life and recognised things that I was grateful for. My family, my friends, my beautiful house, my mind, my journals and tons of other things. I even found ways to be grateful for the bad things. I looked at my situation and saw how much it would help me. And how much worse off a lot of other people were.

Before I knew it, I was living in an apartment that I adored in Dublin. I completely chalk this up to the law of attraction.

I have been touched by death a few times in my life. In 2009 my Nana died. In 2014 my Granddad died. In 2015 my beloved aunty Anne died. These were the people whose deaths affected me the most because I was extremely close to each of them. I have attended a wonderful medium a number of times and communicated with each of them. I will not name this medium because I’m not sure she’d like that but she is a fantastic woman who has had a massive impact on my life. This reassures me. Because there is something bigger than us out there and we do have people with us from the other side. If you don’t believe in that then that’s your right, but don’t roll your eyes just because I do. Who cares?  I do think that things are out there to help and guide us. I don’t think we’re ever alone in this world, even if we are alone. I definitely think that we can achieve absolutely anything, especially if we practice gratitude and a positive mind-set.

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