Something that many wouldn’t know about me is that I’m a big fan of horoscopes. I wouldn’t follow them to the letter or anything like that, but I’d read mine nearly every week. I know that there are many people who scoff at those who believe in the zodiac and I wouldn’t call myself a firm believer. However, it can’t be denied that I’m a classic libra. Prepare for an awful lot of self complimenting because I’m going to start with the good.

I’m diplomatic and objective. I’m able to listen to different points of view with quite a bit of patience. I’m charming and tactful. I’ve been told I have a pleasing manner and I think I’m quite sensitive to the appropriate way of dealing with others. I do believe I’m peaceful and easy going which allows me to develop good friendships and bonds with people. This is something that is very important to a libra’s sense of self. I think I can say that I’m also clever and intelligent. I’m quite simultaneously creative and logical. I can hold my own in a conversation and I’ve also been known to have a quick wit.

Something that may not be very obvious except to people who know me quite well is that I’m quite romantic and idealistic. When it comes to matters of the heart, Im rarely discouraged from pursuing someone who I think I could love and who could love me. It also helps that I’m extroverted and optimistic. I have enjoyable personal relationships and I’m quite openly passionate about many things. Another common libra feature is being spontaneous and fun. Generally, they have a contagious lust for life which allows them to interact with and inspire all sorts of people in significant ways.

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Who am I to sympathise when no one gave a damn?

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Do you believe me? I’ve always said that I was the perfect human being and this validates that opinion. Libra’s are living embodiments of perfection…except there are also downsides to our personalities. Here we go.

My more easy going nature can make me vulnerable to giving too much of myself, making me somewhat indecisive and unreliable. Although I’m not prone to being swayed by emotions, I can sometimes allow others to change my thinking and I don’t always keep my promises. While I can be calm in highly emotional circumstances, I can sometimes appear detached and unemotional. That’s something I’ve found myself criticised for on numerous occasions. Loving the finer things in life can also lead to myself and my fellow Libras being selfish and self-indulgent in pleasing ourselves.

I’ve never really made it a secret that I’m prone to being something of a trouble maker. As a result I can occasionally find myself surrounded by conflict that’s of my own making, or at least I used to. I like to think this has improved since my teenage days. Speaking of conflict, my cleverness has been known to turn into deviousness and a libra’s need to balance things out can result in me engaging in tit-for-tat behaviour. I can be superficial and vain and be way too obsessed with outer beauty. This is something I have to constantly work on.

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Ils ne restent jamais.

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According to this website on horoscopes, its crucial for a libra to take a step back every so often to reflect. This is so they don’t lose track of who they are, what they think/want and how they are behaving towards others. I like to think that I do this often enough and although it mightn’t always prevent me from behaving poorly, it does usually make me aware of when I’ve been acting like a shit.

Apparently, Libra is quite a complex sign. Something I can relate to is that a libra’s perfect exterior conceals many fears. I do (as do other Libras apparently) fear the ugliness in human nature and I’m bothered both by unequal treatment and my own tendency to be selfish. I am deathly afraid of being alone forever, but I’m also hesitant to commit for fear of being idealistic in love. I am also apprehensive of being disapproved of and of being seen in an unattractive light. There, that’s enough pouring out of my soul don’t you think?

Overall, I think I’ve been able to channel these traits into quite a positive existence. You may be a cynic and think that it’s a coincidence that I possess the traits that a libra is supposed to and that’s fine. Just know that I’m going to keep listening to the good things in my horoscopes. I’m not at all religious or spiritual, allow me this.

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