I’ve probably told you almost everything about myself at this point. Nothing’s really been off limits when it’s come to opening up on my website or in my videos. However, I’m going to share 30 facts about me that you may or may not know.

  • I was born at 6:11 on a Wednesday evening.
  • One of my beloved dogs died on Christmas Eve.
  • I have a weird hatred for a lot of random things: t-shirts with slogans, Penneys (the shop), lunchboxes.
  • I share a birthday with one of my favourite writers: F. Scott Fitzgerald. I thought I shared a birthday with Arthur Guinness for years but I was wrong.
  • I moved away from my parents at 17. Not because of any conflict or anything but because I was desperate to be independent.
  • I adore the sun but I hate being in it. I like to enjoy good weather from under shade or by a window.
  • I saw my first dead body by an accident. I walked into the wrong room at a wake when I was really young.
  • I adore TV. So much so that I always thought I’d become an actor. I still play around with the idea of being one every now and again.
  • I’m a cat and dog person. I can never decide which I like more although I’ve spent a lot more time around dogs. We had cats growing up but they slept in a garage outside, only allowed into our house when I snuck them in during my rebellious phase.
  • My grandmother is my favourite person. We got on extremely well and see each other on an almost weekly basis.

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  • I attended a boy’s school for the first three years of my schooling. I got on very well there but when we moved to Wexford I was put into a mixed school.
  • I was quite a bitch in secondary school and often used to find myself in the principal’s office. However, I was also the chairperson of my school’s student council and I was well liked by my peers and teachers.
  • I try not to smoke but when I’m very stressed, it’s the first thing I think to do. It’s probably my guiltiest coping mechanism.
  • I was very, very reluctant to start making YouTube videos. I didn’t think I had any sort of knack for them. If you look at my earliest videos you’ll probably agree. 
  • My sisters and I were avid horse-riders for years. One-by-one, we all quit the sport never to return to it. I was the first.
  • I began attending counselling from the age of 15. I credit an awful lot of my good qualities to the therapy I received at such a young age.
  • Most people are surprised to discover that my favourite movie is the kids movie The Lorax. Something about it makes me incredibly happy.
  • I delete my Instagram whenever I’m feeling unwell. For no other reason than that I feel a sense of pressure about posting regularly on Instagram which I’m more comfortable not feeling when I’m in a bad headspace.
  • My shoe size is a size nine which makes it difficult, but not impossible to find nice women’s footwear.
  • I barely ever wear makeup. Apart from lipstick, I only put on makeup for really special occasions. I’ve just never had a huge interest in it.
  • I’m actually incredibly thrifty. Most of my clothes I’ve gotten on sale or from charity shops.
  • I’ve always gotten Winter blues. The darkening of days awakens a sadness inside me. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I just know that my emotions will get more intense when the Winter months approach.
  • My first concert was the Pussycat Dolls supported by Rihanna in The Point. I went with my whole family.
  • My father was born in Malta. I always tell people that I’m half maltese and act incredibly proud of being so mediteranean (even though my father’s parents were Irish).
  • When I was a child, I thought that when I was shivering, it meant I was growing. I used to stand after a bath wrapped in a towel and proudly announce to my Mam that I was growing while I shivered my ass off.
  • I dye my own hair. A lot of people think that I get my hair this blonde by attending a salon, but I use a home bleaching kit. I’ve never been afraid of experimenting that way.
  • The apartment I’m currently living in is on the same land that my distant relations owned. The road I live on is named after them. I had no idea about this when I moved in, it was only when my Gran payed me a visit that we realised.
  • I’ve never been a big crier. I would love to be one of those people who could just release tears when they feel strong emotions, but I have to try very hard to let myself cry.
  • I got 405 points in my leaving cert, surprising all of my family. No one thought I was working hard enough to get such a result.
  • I used to enter (and often win) competitions for singing when I was younger. If there were ever school events on, I was always the one to stand up and sing a solo. When I hit puberty and my voice broke, I sang less and less until I finally gave it up altogether. Wherever my talents lie, it’s not in song.

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