Laylah Beattie believes in the healing power of truth telling. She hopes that through expressing her truth without fear or shame, she can inspire others to do the same.

It began with my decision to write a book. I realised that I had a lot to say and I realised that everyone around me was sick of listening, so I expanded my audience. I sat down at my laptop and I wrote essay after essay about my life and my experiences. Within a couple of months, I had a complete collection. I published Who Cares; Life for an Irish Transgender Teen at eighteen years of age.

I told myself that I was done writing about myself. I’d written a book and I wouldn’t write another until I was fifty. Then I realised that I actually had more to say so I bought a blog and I began to publish essays on When I found myself with a new collection of essays, I published them under Just Saying; LaylahTalks: Season 1 (still eighteen years of age).

Then I was just the slightest bit sick of saying things, so I recorded ten episodes of a podcast entitled Tangerine Dreams, where I interviewed people around me. When that was complete I also published those interviews.

All the while, people were encouraging me to record YouTube videos and I kept saying “I could never do that.” But I did it and pretty soon, I was running a YouTube channel.

Then I returned to writing another collection of essays and before I knew it, I’d published Stay Wild; Notes From a Self Aware Teen.

Now I’m working on a series of interactions between my current and my former self entitled Introspection.

This is all in between running a feminist podcast, writing numerous articles and being lucky enough to have a few media appearances to boot.

If you ask me, Laylah Talks is an understatement, but I’ve thought long and hard about it and Laylah Never Shuts Up doesn’t sound nearly as appealing.

So what are you waiting for? Read, watch, buy and subscribe. Because whether you do or don’t, I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking.

Read about Laylah Beattie here.

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