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Stay Wild

Notes From a Self Aware Teen

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“Some people hate me, some people would prefer it if I didn’t exist. Incidentally, I feel the same way about them.”

“I’m a young person managing my own life, my transition and everything else that I have on my plate. It would be more strange if I didn’t  feel overwhelmed from time to time.”

“Recently, I’ve been trying out this thing with my friends where I don’t act like an autocratic bitchy diva who constantly has to get his own way.”

Teenage model and writer David Beattie is not afraid to share his experiences of the world. In this instalment of personal essays, he discusses battling mental illness, going through hormonal changes, socialising as a gender non-conforming individual and even what it’s like to do a naked photo shoot with body dysmorphia.

His wit, motivation and relentless positivity in the face of multiple challenges are amazingly inspirational. You can’t help but laugh, cry, scream and sigh along with him as he reflects on many different triumphs and obstacles. His world is an incredibly interesting one and this glimpse he allows of it is both enlightening and enjoyable.

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JS Cover.

Just Saying.

Laylah Talks: Season 1.

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David Beattie is far from your average 18-year-old. He manages to juggle college, a social life, a gender transition, dating, book writing and chasing his dreams amongst many other things. Just Saying is his second collection of essays documenting his journey as he navigates through every aspect of his busy life. His amazing strength, grace and sense of humour pour from every page as he tackles personal topics with consideration, wit and style. This very personal glimpse into his life will leave you heartbroken and inspired. A necessary read for everyone, from all walks of life.

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Who Cares?

Life for an Irish Transgender Teen.

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“Do I know much about life? Probably not. I’ve only been alive for eighteen years after all. However I will tell you this. Some of my earliest memories are of me looking around and taking things in. Injustice, pain, pleasure. These topics have always fascinated me amongst many others. I have a lot to discuss. Brace yourself.”

David Beattie is a confident 18 year old with a large family and many friends. He wrote his first book Who Cares while attending college in Dublin city, going out at night, drinking lots of coffee and shopping until he runs out of money. He was also born in the wrong body but this hasn’t stopped him from making the most of life and chasing his dreams. This book will make you laugh, cry and everything in between as he discusses his past, present and future with honesty and wit. His self-deprecating humour is extremely entertaining and he does not shy away from personal or controversial issues. During his inspirational journey he has learned to love and respect himself while facing many obstacles. He has a refreshingly unique perspective on the world. You will not regret reading this book.

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Tangerine Dreams.

A Laylah Talks Podcast.

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 “My plan is to tell stories. Not stories that are particularly extraordinary. But the stories of everyday people in different walks of life.”
David Beattie is a teenage journalist, blogger, author and model. In this podcast series, he interviews a range of different people in his life that inspire him. Whether it’s mental health issues, racism or even interviewing his own mother about her divorce, he never fails to be sensitive and understanding about the subject at hand. Tangerine Dreams is his first series of this nature. This booklet is a fascinating read for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

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