Category: Who Cares?

A Letter to my Future Self.

I am not going to be so naïve as to wish that you have lived a sheltered life untouched by sadness and pain.

My Reading List

“I have a collection of books that I adore.”

Dear Parents

This chapter is about trying to give you an insight into the mind of your child and maybe giving you some tips on dealing with them.

A Modern World

There are many other topics that I could outline here relating to the modern world but I will not.

The Wild Life

But being spontaneous is not at all dangerous.

Rules of a Teenager

It contained all of the lessons that I had learned over time and wished to put into practice.

A Higher Power

I definitely think that we can achieve absolutely anything, especially if we practice gratitude and a positive mind-set.

My Journals

My journals are many books of all material, shapes and sizes that contain endless rambling entries about things that are, or were once of significance to me.


It disgusts me, terrifies me and shocks me to know that I, or the people that I love could come into contact with any one of these people at any time.

Being Transgender.

Without being offensive, I don’t really care about your opinion in relation to my transition, whether it’s negative or positive.

Appreciating Yourself

It takes courage to do things that you look up to in other people. To me, it’s quite noble to desire to be your best self.

Dark Times

These dark times began when I fell in love and lost my friends.