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Getting Naked.

The first time I remember being uncomfortable with my body I was 10.


About Stay Wild.

Here is Stay Wild, a chunk of my world to immerse yourself in.

A Night Out From Hell (Part Two).

Yes that’s right. I had to queue for a stairs :):):).

A Night Out From Hell (Part One).

But alas, I discovered that there was enough room for me to vomit beside the urinating boy :). I sense that you’re probably getting to know the reason that I resist these student nights out so much.

Kiss and Tell

If they do mistakenly kiss me, they’ll be fine.

In fact, I’m quite a good kisser.

I’m a Hypocrite.

Or at least I feel like a hypocrite.

I’ve Learned When To Shut Up.

It might be somewhat ironic for me to write an essay entitled “I’ve learned when to shut up” when I never actually seem to shut up but stick with me.

Representations of Transgender People That I Experienced Growing Up.

With Caitlyn putting the spotlight on transgender issues, it meant that there were a lot more narratives to hear about being transgender. Which really was a blessing, because up until then, the representation (as far as I could see it) was really less than stellar.

The Alfie Diaries-Saying Goodbye

Alfie, I know you mostly hated resting, but I really hope that you’re doing so in peace.

The Alfie Diaries-Comfort

I never doubted his love for me, or for the rest of my family, but I think we always had something of a special bond.

The Alfie Diaries-Cheekiness

I suppose cheekiness was something we had in common.

The Alfie Diaries-Escape Art.

It’s safe to say that I was extremely careful whenever I took him on a walk after that.

The Alfie Diaries-Introducing Alfie.

While the rest of my family were probably wondering what the hell to do about this rambunctious, troublesome, energetic dog, I was in love.

Incidents of Disrespect.

“It can be tough to think back on times that I had to endure incidents like this.”

An Open Letter to My Hair.

It’s funny because I’ve abused you in some of the worst ways possible, yet you never seem to give up on me.

I’m Strong Even if I Breakdown.

I am strong even if I have a breakdown. In fact, I may be stronger after I do.

Nice Things That Have Happened to me Recently.

That was nice wasn’t it? Now to get back to moaning.

Getting Tested.

What’s it’s really like to get tested for STD’s.

Things I Didn’t Know Before my First Time.

It wasn’t the significant experience that I thought it would be, rather just quite a natural thing to happen to me.


Annoying Things I Do That I’m Trying to Stop.

I don’t think I’m a particularly annoying person, but I definitely have the capacity to be annoying.