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Discussing Anxiety with Isabelle Evans.

I just need to get up and motivate myself and it’s so hard when it’s just an anxious voice in your head but I will get a hold of myself and get my life together, that’s the plan.

Discussing Blogging With Ciara O’Doherty.

It’s not just about knowing the industry, you need to know how to do it organically for it to be actually successful. But yeah, it’s a huge business, it’s crazy.

Episode 10-David Beattie

Yasmin Smith interviews me for the final episode of this series.

Episode 9- Ruth Hoban Discusses Mental Illness.

Ruth Hoban discusses her battle with mental illness.

Episode 8- Sarah Collery Discusses her Single Parent Family.

Chatting to Sarah Collery about growing up with a single Mam.

Episode 7-Audrey Dillane Discusses Marriage and Separation.

My Mam discusses her separation from my Dad.

Episode 6-Aoife Kearns Discusses Body Image.

Aoife Kearns discusses the effect that the media had on her body image.

Episode 5-Róisin Chapman discusses abstinence from alcohol.

Róisin is an Irish college student who doesn’t drink.

Episode 4-Emma Beattie Discusses Racism.

I interview my sister, Emma Beattie on the racism that she has experienced through being with her boyfriend Thabani.

Episode 3-Catherine Devane Discusses Rural Ireland. 

What’s it like to move from rural Ireland to Dublin?

Episode 2-Isabelle Evans Discusses Anxiety.

Isabelle Evans, a good friend of mine suffers from anxiety.

Episode 1-Ciara O’Doherty Discusses Blogging.

I interview successful blogger and friend Ciara O’Doherty.