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I’m Kind of Homophobic

I can’t help but feel uncomfortable around certain men.

Me Too

I had a scary sexual experience with a man in power.

My Metaphor For Gender

I try to explain gender using a metaphor.

Men I Have Sex With

Stop asking this question about men who I have sex with.

I met Caitlyn Jenner

My experience meeting Cait at the Late Late.

I Got Stood Up

My experience getting stood up.

Four Months Without Sex Hormones

The side effects of going four months without sex hormones.

My Date With a Gay Guy.

My date with a boy who turned out to be gay.

I Wear Dresses Now

This year I started wearing dresses.

I’m Transgender, Not Unreasonable

You don’t have to be afraid of me.

Kiss…and Tell?

When is the appropriate time to confide my situation to a romantic interest.

I’m a Hypocrite.

There are times when I can be rather hypocritical.