Welcome to my website, Laylah Talks. Here you will find everything about my life and my work.

My name is Laylah Beattie and I’m a 21-year-old Dublin based writer and model. I have a lot to say about my life and I try to do it as honestly as I can. I’ve struggled with my mental health (I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression and anorexia), street (and sexual) harassment, poor body image, dating disasters and all the other struggles that are tied into being a young transgender woman in Ireland.

I’m sharing my experiences in the hope that people can identify with them. I’ve been transitioning my gender for almost four years now, since I was 18-years-old. I’m currently attending a number of healthcare facilities to take care of my head and my body. I also have one-on-one sessions with a psychotherapist weekly. When I have the energy for it, I’m casually dating and having sex and I’ll often share my experiences of that with the public because I have NO SHAME!

I experimented with self-publishing three collections of essays which are available online if you look hard enough. Although, I’m very ashamed of them because I wrote them at a very narcissistic time in my life. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be on TV (your Mom has probably heard of me) and I was even the first transgender dater in the First Dates Ireland restaurant. If you want to know more, simply browse this website (I’ve kept records of EVERYTHING) or contact me here.

Thanks again for visiting and happy browsing!

Laylah Beattie.

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