My popular video or photo shoots accompanied by a monologue.

Transgender Tales.

A series of videos discussing my male to female transition.

Sex, Love, Etc.

A series of videos about my romantic life and my sex life.

Confessions of an Average Gal.

A Series of videos where I make difficult confessions.

Mental Health Monday.

A series of videos about my mental health journey through depression, my gender transition, my eating disorder and everything else.

Feminist Fest.

A series of videos about my stance on a range of different feminist issues.

Beattie’s Beauty.

A series of videos about my beauty habits and tricks.

Writing Wednesday. 

A series of videos about my journey with writing.


Different Videos that I’ve been a part of.


Lipstick Stains.

A podcast series about feminism co-hosted by Aoife Kearns.

Tangerine Dreams.

A podcast series of interviews with different people who I’m inspired by.


Different Audio projects that I’ve been a part of.


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