The Triangle Scarf

Since LaylahTalks is now a year old, I’ve decided to resurrect certain dead posts from season 1. This post (which tells the story of my first experience of prejudice because of something I wore) is the third out of three.

Laylah Talks

I think I was about ten or eleven when I got the triangle scarf. I was part of a theatre group that were performing a Christmas pantomime. I was in the younger group and the younger group really looked up to the older one.

I didn’t have many friends in that theatre group. The girls were snobby and cliquey and weren’t interested in hanging out with a boy. The boys were usual boys and thought I was weird. It didn’t really phase me. I would sit with some other stragglers and listen to people’s conversations without weighing in. I blended into the background, just wanting to rehearse and perform and be a part of something that I loved.

One day, the older group were performing and I noticed that a couple of them were wearing these stylish triangle scarves. I fell in love with them. I wanted a triangle scarf…

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A Near Miss

Since LaylahTalks is now a year old, I’ve decided to resurrect certain dead posts from season 1. This post (which tells the story of how I had a horrifying experience on a night out) is the second out of three.

Laylah Talks

Sometimes we find ourselves thanking the stars because we’ve narrowly missed a dangerous situation. This happened to me a few months ago but I’ve avoided writing about it until now. I’ve avoided it because I didn’t want my parents and my family to see. I’ve avoided it because I was ashamed. I’ve avoided it because I thought that I was to blame. I’m now beginning to see that that was not the case.

A while ago I went to visit some friends in the country. It was a bank holiday and we decided to go out. I’d never been out in this area before but I was looking forward to experiencing it.

You probably all know this by now but I’m not the best at judging when exactly I should stop drinking. This is not for any reason other than that I’m just young and irresponsible, but it does result…

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Boys, Girls and Me.

Since LaylahTalks is now a year old, I’ve decided to resurrect certain dead posts from season 1. This post (which tells the story of how I dealt with getting stood up) is the first out of three.

Laylah Talks

I’m drinking my last cup of black tea before I go asleep. My phone vibrates. It’s late and I wonder who would be up at this time.  I’m sitting in the dark, wrapped in my silk dressing gown, with the only source of light coming from my laptop. I’m listening to soft, slow songs and doing my nails. I have a text from a boy who I met online. We’ve been texting back and forth for a few days and he is quite sweet. I also think that he’s quite attractive. He is always the one that initiates conversation between us and he seems a lot more interested in me than I am in him.

The message asks me to go on a date with him. I think about it for a while before telling him that I will. He wants to go to a tapas bar in the city…

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Four Months Without Sex Hormones.

In October of 2016, I began getting injected with the implant “Zoladex,” which suppresses the production of sex hormones. People receive it for many conditions but I was prescribed it because I was beginning a male to female gender transition.

The implant is injected using a massive painful needle that’s put into your lower abdomen. Once a month, I’d go to the doctor so she could inject me with this needle. For four months, my testosterone was suppressed and I wasn’t receiving any oestrogen, meaning that I was without any sex hormones. This is standard practice for someone undergoing a gender transition, but it brings a lot of side effects.

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A transgender person’s reaction to Milo’s comments

It’s with a heavy heart that I begin writing about Milo Yiannopoulos and his racist, misogynistic, transphobic and countless other discriminatory rhetorics. I know that there are people who would say something along the lines of “don’t give him the attention he craves,” or “he’s only being controversial for the sake of controversy.” I understand that, but to you I say shut up for a second. I need to talk.

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Meet “Gareth” a 20-year-old Crossdresser

Gareth is a handsome, bearded 20-year-old, studying and working. He drinks, he smokes, he has a group of guy friends around him and he meets girls on nights out. He’s also been a crossdresser since he was 10 years old.

He doesn’t see this as a big deal, but nevertheless he keeps it private. His name has been changed for the sake of this article which is what we both decided was for the best. Crossdressing is a very misunderstood form of expression, meaning that you won’t find many people who have the strength to be open about it.

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