Time Out.

I wake up early and get dressed. The clothes that I wear aren’t especially flamboyant. I wrap myself in a scarf, grab my keys and leave. I do not bring my earphones, a book or my notebook. I don’t even have a bag with me. Just my keys, my bus card, a bit of money and my phone.

I sit on the bus and stare out of the window. I don’t look at the people around me. I don’t even notice them. My head is full. Full of opinions, negativity and other crap. Stepping off the bus, I don’t even stop to get a coffee or a hot chocolate. Instead I hop straight onto another one.

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Dealing With Assholes

Is there any real way to deal with assholes? People are assholes in many different ways. People are assholes when they judge you. When they misrepresent you. When they dislike you for no good reason. When they are just plain wrong about things that they say. There are so many different types of assholes that you encounter on a regular basis. We all know them. We all deal with them. Some of us may be them.

But what happens when you come across somebody, on a regular basis, who has no redeemable qualities? Or when you discover someone that you previously liked has suddenly become an asshole or has always been an asshole? What about the people who are relentlessly hypocritical, controversial, offensive and just plain ignorant? People who shut down the ideals of feminism, equality and other morally based principles for no other reason than to annoy you.

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