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Dear Parents

This chapter is about trying to give you an insight into the mind of your child and maybe giving you some tips on dealing with them.


Sophie Meets: Laylah Beattie

Recently, our ambassador Sophie met with Laylah to have a chat about how her life is now.


It is possible to silence this voice. Maybe not forever but for when it’s important. It’s possible and it’s vital.

The Future.

I don’t know what the future holds for my little website.


Ten years ago your life was completely different and in ten years time your life will be completely different.

To the Reluctant Feminists

A message to the people who want to be feminists, but are too afraid to be.

How To Become A (Real) Feminist

I do think it’s important to recognise that being a feminist is more than just a label.

Things I Didn’t Know Before my First Time.

It wasn’t the significant experience that I thought it would be, rather just quite a natural thing to happen to me.

My Writing Process.

Describing my writing process in detail.

How to Be Honest in Your Writing

Describing how I learned to be so honest in my writing.

How To Stay Motivated

Describing how I stay motivated in my writing.

My Writing Journey (So Far).

Talking you through my journey to becoming a writer.