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Having a Body Image Disorder in a World Obsessed with Bodies

I’ve had extreme issues around body image for as long as I can remember. I hated the way I looked growing up and I tried to use a lot of different methods to make myself look different. Some of these were simple things like adopting a good skincare routine from a young age to develop smooth “feminine” skin. Others were more harmful, like starving … Read More Having a Body Image Disorder in a World Obsessed with Bodies


My First Day in the Hospital

I awake early and look over my bags. I packed last night, but I have no idea whether I’ve even brought the right stuff. I’ve never stayed in a hospital before. I’ve never known anyone who was in a psych ward. Sitting on my bed, I have a few silent tears. My room is a complete mess. It hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. There … Read More My First Day in the Hospital

Forgiving the People Who Let Me Down When I Was in the Hospital

There are so many people who let me down when I was in the hospital. More than I ever could have imagined there’d be. Being honest, I’m quite bitter about it. But I need to let go of that bitterness. One thing I never wanted to be was bitter. I’ve always believed that bitterness halts you. It keeps you in a moment that’s already … Read More Forgiving the People Who Let Me Down When I Was in the Hospital

An Empathetic Gesture.

She’ll probably forever be in my thoughts as a person whose small action eased my burden a tiny bit.

Reasons I’m Not Grateful for my Mental Illness

Depression and anorexia don’t just make you sad and hungry. They affect almost every aspect of your life. 

Reasons I’m Grateful for my Mental Illness.

There are so many reasons that I’m not grateful for my mental illness. I’ll be writing about those soon, but I thought I’d start with the positives.

My Relationship With Food.

I’ve always had an odd relationship with food. I suppose you could say that I’ve had some form of an eating disorder.

Putting on Weight With an Eating Disorder (How I’m Staying Sane).

Talking you through the method I’m using to stay sane while I put on weight.

Talking to Snapchat about my recent struggle with eating.

Talking about how my recent stresses have lead to an inability to eat.


Discussing how I overcame body dysmorphia.

My Eating Disorder (In Detail).

Talking you through my eating disorder in more detail than ever before.


A Week in the Life (Part 2).

The urge not to eat, launching a book and getting stood up (again).