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About Just Saying

Either way, I hope that you enjoy the following essays and I hope that they might help you in some way.

About “Who Cares?”

I am overwhelmed in the best possible way at the fact that I’ve finished this book.

Who Cares? Introduction.

The introduction to my first book “Who Cares?”


Newsletter: Stay Wild Is Now Available

My Third Collection of Essays is now Available.


Newsletter: 1st July 2017

Let’s Catch Up: A new book, a feminist youtube series and a night out from hell. 

How To Stay Motivated

Describing how I stay motivated in my writing.

My Writing Journey (So Far).

Talking you through my journey to becoming a writer.

The Sun: Who is David Beattie? Irish journalist, blogger, model, author who has written about being transgender – here’s what we know

David Beattie is no ordinary teenager. At 19, he has had more success than many adults. He has written widely about being transgender and is now a leading voice in transgender rights in Ireland and further afield. Read More


A Week in the Life (Part 2).

The urge not to eat, launching a book and getting stood up (again).


A week in the life (Part 1).

Arguments, a hormone appointment and a cry.


Stay Wild Introduction.

The beginning of Season 2.