Now that I’ve made my ebook “Who Cares? Life for an Irish Transgender Teen” free to the public (you can download the full thing here), I’ve decided to publish the chapters here on my website. Below is a chapter from this book which was published in April 2016.

I am happy with my appearance. I know Irish people aren’t supposed to say that but I don’t care. For a long time I was very unhappy with how I looked but I am finally in a place where I can recognise my own beauty. I am currently 6”2 which means that I tower over most people. Growing up I was always a tall child. This was a fact that I despised.

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An Open Letter to my Face.

Hello. How are you? I suspect you’re pretty good considering that I just cleansed toned and moisturised you.

I wonder if you feel honoured about all of the attention I give you. You get a lot more of it than any other part of my body. I wonder if you taunt my hair who gets burned quite regularly while you are constantly soothed and taken care of.

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I’m sure that we are all well aware of the less than broad standards of beauty that are inflicted upon us as a society. But something that I cannot understand is the word if relating to what is and isn’t considered beautiful.

How often do you hear people making idiotic statements about beauty? Statements like “she would be pretty if she had a better sense of style” or “he would have a beautiful face if he just lost some weight.”

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Paris (Part Two).

Read part one here.

I am listening to the people around me speaking the language that I am studying all of the time. What is it about French that’s so beautiful and mesmerising? The atmosphere is one thing that I crave. We are sitting on a cramped train surrounded by busy French people when a band steps on. It is just what you’d expect. The accordion heavy song straight out of a movie that features Paris. And then they get off. They left a hat down but I am shocked to see that they don’t beg. They don’t even seem to monitor what money is going in. It makes me feel sorry that I didn’t throw a bit of change their way but I was way too distracted by the ambiance.

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