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Get to Know Transgender Activist David Beattie

As an author, blogger and model, DAVID BEATTIE, 19, is also a LEADING VOICE in TRANSGENDER RIGHTS in Ireland and beyond…

Snapchat Q&A

A Q&A I did from my bed.


Annoying Things I Do That I’m Trying to Stop.

I don’t think I’m a particularly annoying person, but I definitely have the capacity to be annoying.

My Writing Journey (So Far).

Talking you through my journey to becoming a writer.

The Sun: Who is David Beattie? Irish journalist, blogger, model, author who has written about being transgender – here’s what we know

David Beattie is no ordinary teenager. At 19, he has had more success than many adults. He has written widely about being transgender and is now a leading voice in transgender rights in Ireland and further afield. Read More

Why I Can Never be Good at Social Media

Part of this job is being your own little PR person on social media

Episode 1-Ciara O’Doherty Discusses Blogging.

I interview successful blogger and friend Ciara O’Doherty.