Tag: Bullying

I Don’t Comment on People’s Appearances

I do my best not to pass comments on people’s appearances.

Spaces I’m Unwelcome in

I have a certain job to do when I’m made feel unwelcome.

The Country

When I was seven we moved from Dublin to Wexford.

Incidents of Disrespect.

“It can be tough to think back on times that I had to endure incidents like this.”

A Day Spent Living.

I did what I always do. I sat staring straight ahead while two boys discussed taking my life.

Unwelcome Spaces.

I haven’t bowed down to them. I’ve maintained my dignity. I’ve resisted oppression.

How to Deal with Street Harassment.

My advice on how I deal with street harassment.

Blocking Out Negativity.

The important things to remember when it comes to negativity.


Trying to impress boys would almost be like accepting that I’m the one at fault. And I’m really not.

Turning Heads.

I’m not sure what age I was when I realised that I was destined to turn heads.


The Stigma of Bullying.

It is not just a kid’s problem.