The Alfie Diaries-Saying Goodbye

After I had moved out of the house, I used to miss Alfie like crazy. Because I could barely ever get an opportunity to visit home, I rarely got to see any of my animals (something I hated). When Christmas came along last year, I had finally put aside a large chunk of time that I’d be able to spend at home. Amongst other things, I was very much looking forward to getting some quality time with Alfie.

When I got home, I used to spend my days catching up on writing. I’d lock myself into the office in our house and do my very best not to get distracted, but Alfie would not take no for an answer. He’d scratch and jump at the door until I let him in and then he’d pace the office, coming over to me every now and again and putting his head in my lap. I’m ashamed to say that I was quite intolerant of this and would often end up putting him outside.

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Another Week in The Life (Part 2).

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Thursday. I awake early and run down to get the bus. As I travel through rush hour traffic, I jot things down in my notebook. I’m feeling particularly inspired today. When I arrive into my radio class, I’m horrified to discover that we’re learning how to edit audio files; the thing that kept me up for hours on Tuesday night. Eventually, I just have to laugh it off and sit as the lecturer explains exactly what I spent ages teaching myself. After college Sophie and I go for lunch together before we head to the shops. I buy myself a new book and give her some hints for my birthday present. I pretend not to see as she buys me a book that I’ve wanted for ages. I arrive at the hospital to see my sister Emma has travelled up from Kerry and is conversing with my Gran. She drives me to Dundrum and we have dinner in Wagamamas.

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