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A Night Out From Hell

A night out I really shouldn’t have attended.

The City

It’s been a dream come true to lead this life. I always knew that it was what I wanted and so I went after it.

A Night Out From Hell (Part Two).

Yes that’s right. I had to queue for a stairs :):):).

A Night Out From Hell (Part One).

But alas, I discovered that there was enough room for me to vomit beside the urinating boy :). I sense that you’re probably getting to know the reason that I resist these student nights out so much.

I’m not from Wexford.

Let’s talk about why I hate it when people say that I’m from Wexford.


Behind the Sex, Drugs and Lyrical Pleasure- A Drink with Cry Harridan

My Interview with Dublin band Cry Harridan.

Goss.ie: Viewers applaud transgender teen’s bravery on The Late Late Show

Viewers have applauded transgender teen David Beattie for his bravery speaking about his transition on The Late Late Show.

Lovin Dublin: This Transgender Teen Made A Video Set In Dublin About What It’s Like Living In Today’s World

The Late Late Show line-up currently is, has always been and probably will always be a topic of conversation throughout the nation each week.


How to Live with People.

Living with people is not always like that West Coast Cooler ad where they all dance to Haim in their sweatpants.


An Open Letter to My Feet.

You don’t ever really get to relax. And I’m sorry for that.

Lack of Gender Neutral Toilets an Issue.

An Article I gave comment to about gender neutral bathrooms.

Episode 3-Catherine Devane Discusses Rural Ireland. 

What’s it like to move from rural Ireland to Dublin?