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Since changing my pronouns, I’ve been misgendered a number of times.

Being Transgender.

Without being offensive, I don’t really care about your opinion in relation to my transition, whether it’s negative or positive.


Laylah Talks Trans Identity

Laylah Beattie, who prides herself on being an outspoken voice for the trans community.

The Bathroom

I don’t feel anxious very often but the bathroom is one rare moment when I do.

I met Caitlyn Jenner

My experience meeting Cait at the Late Late.

Caitlyn Jenner on Laylah Beattie. “She looks fabulous.”

Caitlyn Jenner discussing Laylah Beattie.


The Importance of Gender Neutral Bathrooms.

For a gender nonconforming person, this simple action could be making a world of difference.

I Got Stood Up

My experience getting stood up.

Four Months Without Sex Hormones

The side effects of going four months without sex hormones.

My Date With a Gay Guy.

My date with a boy who turned out to be gay.

I Wear Dresses Now

This year I started wearing dresses.


The topic of love has fascinated me for a long time. If I have a few glasses of wine I’ll suddenly start talking about it for hours.