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I’ve Probably Never Had Sex That Was Consensual

I wonder if I’ve ever even had consensual sex.


To the Reluctant Feminists

A message to the people who want to be feminists, but are too afraid to be.


Newsletter: 1st July 2017

Let’s Catch Up: A new book, a feminist youtube series and a night out from hell. 

The Struggles of Being a Feminist

The not so bright side to being a feminist

How To Become A (Real) Feminist

I do think it’s important to recognise that being a feminist is more than just a label.

My Feminist Journey (So Far).

Talking about my journey to becoming a feminist.

Discussing Abortion, Feminism and Racism with Tara Flynn.

I interview Tara Flynn about her activism.

A transgender person’s reaction to Milo’s comments

It’s with a heavy heart that I begin writing about Milo Yiannopoulos and his racist, misogynistic, transphobic and countless other discriminatory rhetorics.

Samira Bellil.

Samira Bellil, a feminist French activist.

Lindy West. Lipstick Stains.

The very inspirational feminist icon, Lindy West.


Male Rape, Why is it Ignored?

In a society where men are always supposed to desire sex, many people deny that it’s possible.

Male Rape. Lipstick Stains.

This episode discusses the problem of male rape.

The Ideal Transgender Woman

What do men expect when they date a trans woman?


My Experience at a Men’s Rights Event

I wish it had been different.

Episode 3-Catherine Devane Discusses Rural Ireland. 

What’s it like to move from rural Ireland to Dublin?


Detailing a boy that messaged me recently.

The Reluctant Feminists

Why do my friends refuse to be labelled as a feminist even though they believe in feminism?