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I’ve Probably Never Had Sex That Was Consensual

I wonder if I’ve ever even had consensual sex.

To the Reluctant Feminists

A message to the people who want to be feminists, but are too afraid to be.


Newsletter: 1st July 2017

Let’s Catch Up: A new book, a feminist youtube series and a night out from hell. 

The Struggles of Being a Feminist

The not so bright side to being a feminist

How To Become A (Real) Feminist

I do think it’s important to recognise that being a feminist is more than just a label.

My Feminist Journey (So Far).

Talking about my journey to becoming a feminist.

Discussing Abortion, Feminism and Racism with Tara Flynn.

I interview Tara Flynn about her activism.

A transgender person’s reaction to Milo’s comments

It’s with a heavy heart that I begin writing about Milo Yiannopoulos and his racist, misogynistic, transphobic and countless other discriminatory rhetorics.

Samira Bellil.

Samira Bellil, a feminist French activist.

Lindy West. Lipstick Stains.

The very inspirational feminist icon, Lindy West.


Male Rape, Why is it Ignored?

In a society where men are always supposed to desire sex, many people deny that it’s possible.

Male Rape. Lipstick Stains.

This episode discusses the problem of male rape.