Tag: gender non-conforming

Spaces I’m Unwelcome in

I have a certain job to do when I’m made feel unwelcome.

My Metaphor For Gender

I try to explain gender using a metaphor.


The Importance of Gender Neutral Bathrooms.

For a gender nonconforming person, this simple action could be making a world of difference.

Kiss and Tell

If they do mistakenly kiss me, they’ll be fine.

In fact, I’m quite a good kisser.

I’m a Hypocrite.

Or at least I feel like a hypocrite.

Incidents of Disrespect.

“It can be tough to think back on times that I had to endure incidents like this.”

Unwelcome Spaces.

I haven’t bowed down to them. I’ve maintained my dignity. I’ve resisted oppression.

Gender Expectations.

You never really realise how often we encounter the issue of gender until you’ve stepped outside of the “traditional” gender roles