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Embrace the Grey- Let’s Banish Black and White Thinking

We live in a diverse world, I think most people see that nowadays. It’s a world where people are all on incredibly different journeys. Journeys most of us haven’t even begun to understand. Almost every day, I read an article or book about someone’s life which helps me to see things from a new perspective. I think this is the case for many of … Read More Embrace the Grey- Let’s Banish Black and White Thinking


Since changing my pronouns, I’ve been misgendered a number of times.

I Had Sex For Revenge

I had sex for reasons that I’m not very proud of.

My Metaphor For Gender

I try to explain gender using a metaphor.

Being Transgender.

Without being offensive, I don’t really care about your opinion in relation to my transition, whether it’s negative or positive.


Get to Know Transgender Activist David Beattie

As an author, blogger and model, DAVID BEATTIE, 19, is also a LEADING VOICE in TRANSGENDER RIGHTS in Ireland and beyond…

I’m Transgender, Not Unreasonable.

You don’t have to tiptoe around me. You don’t have to act like I’m trying to catch you out.


Meet “Gareth” a 20-year-old Crossdresser

He doesn’t see this as a big deal, but nevertheless he keeps it private.

The Late Late Show: David Beattie

My appearance on the Irish talk show.

Person in Progress

I am not a person in progress. I’m a person.

How to Begin Your Transition.

Advice for the beginning of your gender transition.

Episode 10-David Beattie

Yasmin Smith interviews me for the final episode of this series.