As more individuals embrace their true selves, the Celtic nations undergo a transition in identity.

Sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) can be dated back to the early 20th century, with gender transitioning reaching even further into the past. Denmark native Lili Elbe – the inspiration for David Ebershoff’s international bestselling novel, and subsequent film, The Danish Girl – was the first SRS recipient on record, undergoing the procedure in 1930.

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I’m not from Wexford.

Special thanks to Jenny Murphy Byrne, a friend from Wexford (shocker) who assured me that this post wasn’t offensive.

I know this is a strange topic to discuss in such detail but let’s talk about why I hate it when people say that I’m from Wexford.

For anyone outside of Ireland who may not know, Wexford is a rural county that was in my experience, shall we say, quite constricting. People often make the mistake of saying that I’m from Wexford and when I correct them by saying that I’m not, they roll their eyes. But why am I so adamant that I’m not from there?

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