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Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge.

Joining the panel this week for the final Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge of the season is Dr Ciara Kelly, Diarmuid Gavin and Laylah Beattie.

Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge Clips

To see Laylah’s Youtube videos, click here.   


Laylah Talks Trans Identity

Laylah Beattie, who prides herself on being an outspoken voice for the trans community.


Louise McSharry-No Filter.

Louise chats to Laylah Beattie for the second episode of her new podcast where she interviews inspirational Irish women.

I met Caitlyn Jenner

My experience meeting Cait at the Late Late.

I’m Transgender, Not Unreasonable

You don’t have to be afraid of me.

The City

It’s been a dream come true to lead this life. I always knew that it was what I wanted and so I went after it.

The Country

When I was seven we moved from Dublin to Wexford.



An article about transgender people in Ireland featuring an interview with me.

My Feminist Journey (So Far).

Talking about my journey to becoming a feminist.

I’ve Learned When To Shut Up.

It might be somewhat ironic for me to write an essay entitled “I’ve learned when to shut up” when I never actually seem to shut up but stick with me.

The Alfie Diaries-Saying Goodbye

Alfie, I know you mostly hated resting, but I really hope that you’re doing so in peace.