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How it Feels to be Twenty.

I suppose I was quite nervous about turning twenty. I thought it was the age where you declare yourself an adult. The age where everyone expects you to stand on your own two feet. Although I don’t know why that would make me nervous because I’ve pretty much been standing on my own two feet for a long time now. I was surprised to … Read More How it Feels to be Twenty.

Ep.31: Is your boyfriend gay? – Niamh Horan and Laylah Beattie on smears, pansexuality and fantasies

On this week’s Girls With Goals, we’re joined on the panel by Sunday Independent journalist Niamh Horan alongside writer and blogger Laylah Beattie. An advocate for trans people in Ireland since transitioning herself, Laylah wants to share her story in the hopes of helping other young people who are struggling with their gender identity. Well known for her divisive journalism, Niamh Horan speaks out … Read More Ep.31: Is your boyfriend gay? – Niamh Horan and Laylah Beattie on smears, pansexuality and fantasies


The Alison Spittle Show-Laylah Beattie

Alison meets writer, broadcaster and model, Laylah Beattie. They talk about being the Regina George in school, defence mechanisms, favourite Irish murderers, being the first transgender person on First Dates, being targeted by right-wing bloggers, what the food’s like at a psychiatric hospital, the patron saint of television and going through a nun’s skip.


Queer Irish To Watch Out For In 2018

Many talented Irish queers are making waves across the land.


Louise McSharry-No Filter.

Louise chats to Laylah Beattie for the second episode of her new podcast where she interviews inspirational Irish women.


Newsletter: Stay Wild Is Now Available

My Third Collection of Essays is now Available.


Another Week in the Life (Part 1).

A coffee date, interviews and the end of a brief romance.


Stay Wild Introduction.

The beginning of Season 2.

My Fans.

“Sometimes I feel as though I’m a million miles away from the child that was written about.”

Time Out.

People often ask me how I manage to stay sane and positive, this is how.

A Gift.

They had a gift for me, and they weren’t sure whether I’d like it.

Falling In Love.

The effect that falling in love had on me.